The Civility Project

A Year-long Review of Civility by the City Club of Boise

Promoting Civil Problem Solving in Idaho

During 2016, City Club is focusing much of its programming around the Civility Project, including at our traditional lunch forums, tours, and salons, as well as at our new After Hours events. Forums will address civility in arenas like social media; courts; government and politics; education; faith; and business. You’ll hear speakers share how the principles of civil discourse guide their work and inspire solutions, such as creating specialized courts for veterans and reducing bullying in schools. Throughout the project, City Club intends to convene Civility Roundtables with university policy centers, community organizations, and other partners to identify cooperative program offerings, evaluate results and explore opportunities to sustain the momentum for a second year.



We want Idaho and its cities to be national examples of communities that address differences civilly. The goal of the Civility Project is not to make everyone agree; rather, we hope to help people learn how to disagree while remaining agreeable. This year-long project offers Idaho leaders and citizens tools to move toward resolution and action when those involved don’t see eye-to-eye on the issues. It’s about listening to and incorporating dissenting voices so that everyone is heard, moving civility from an abstract notion to an expected code of conduct.


Events in the series include:

January 28th
Civility Over Time:
An Overview

March 8th
Civility in Our Schools:
Civility Incubators?

April 27th
Civility on the Internet:
When Social Media turns Antisocial

May 16th
Civility on the Trail

July 20th
Civility and Faith
Audio Video

August 8th
Civility in Public Office:
Perspectives from Senator Risch
Audio Video

October 3rd
Civility and the Courts:
Problem-Solving Courts
Audio Video

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
Civility and the Election
Unfiltered Politics

November - date tbd
Civility and Business
Free Enterprise and Fairness


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